We are happy to serve the families of New Mexico within the Albuquerque Metro area, including the Bernalillo, Valencia, and Sandoval counties. We now have started to offer Family Living Support and Relief Care services in the South East Region of New Mexico, which includes the counties of Eddy, Chaves, Lea, and Curry.  In the Southwest Region we are serving soccorro county for Family Living,  community supports, Respite services.

A First Step, LLC provides many services: Family Living Support, Customized Community Support (Day Habilitation Program), Customized In-Home Support, Relief Care, and Adult Nursing. These services are focused on providing support to families who care for people with disabilities in homes and in learning environments within the community.

Family Living Support FLS) is a 24-hour residential habilitation services that is individually tailored to assist people with developmental disabilities who are assessed to needing daily supports or supervision on the Developmental Disability Waiver (DDW). This service is intended to increase and promote independence, and support individuals to live as independently as possible in a setting of their choice, while helping them to improve and/or develop skills related to community living. Skills may include but are not limited to cooking, cleaning, safety skills, personal hygiene, and accessing community participation. A host or a natural family member may provide these services.
Customize Community Support’s (CCS) is a day habilitation service, which are commonly known as day programs through the DDW. This service is designed to assist individuals with developmental disabilities develop and/or strengthen skills that will increase their independence in the community. The services are tailored to the individual’s vision of success, and may be provided in a variety of settings including the community, classroom and/or agency-operated sites.
Customized In-Home Support service primary purpose is to provide supports needed for the person served to be successful and increase their ability to live independently in the community.  Supports provided will comply with the ISP and outcomes.
 Family Living ReliefCare service is for individuals who live with a paid provider. The service allows the paid caregiver to have time away from their duties. Relief care provider description of service is the same as respite services with the exception that the provider may reside in the same home as the individual receiving services.
Respite service is for the main caregiver who is not a paid staff gets relief from their ongoing duties
Adult Nursing Services are a nursing service in compliance with the New Mexico Nurse Practice Act and is designed to meet a variety of health conditions adults may be diagnosed with who are receiving services on the DD waiver. This service is intended for individuals twenty-one (21) and older who are receiving family living, supported living, customized in-home supports, or participate only in customized community supports, or supported employment. They provide ongoing nursing services as needed, and perform annual assessments per the DD waiver requirements.

We are a bilingual company and provide services in both English and Spanish. all services provided are individualized to meet the need of the indivdual and the family/ guardian.  Please reach out to us for more information! on how we can assit the individual in meeting their vison of living a productive life.

About Us

A First Step, LLC is dedicated to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in building life skills and exercising the right to make choices in all areas of their life; free from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Our Vision: A First Step, LLC’s main focus is to empower the individuals who are receiving our services to learn and develop skills that provide personal growth and independence. We want to assist people in living a productive life by controlling the process of how things will be done, not the individuals trying to do them. We want to make every misstep into something positive so that we can always address everything experienced as another step in the learning process. The support systems in place combined with different activities at home and in the community will work to improve any situation to aide and continue personal growth.

Our Values: At A First Step, LLC, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their goals in life, no matter how simple or difficult they may be. Everyone should be supported, and the focus will never be on limitations because the possibilities are endless. We will work with the family living providers and support staff members to put the support systems in place to give the individuals the tools that they need to not only survive, but also have great experiences and skills in their lives. We all will strive as a team to help people develop life skills, which will allow them to be successful in making decisions that are meaningful to them in their home and in the community.