About Us

A First Step, LLC is dedicated to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in building life skills and exercising the right to make choices in all areas of their life; free from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Our Vision: A First Step, LLC’s main focus is to empower the individuals who are receiving our services to learn and develop skills that provide personal growth and independence. We want to assist people in living a productive life by controlling the process of how things will be done, not the individuals trying to do them. We want to make every misstep into something positive so that we can always address everything experienced as another step in the learning process. The support systems in place combined with different activities at home and in the community will work to improve any situation to aide and continue personal growth.

Our Values: At A First Step, LLC, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their goals in life, no matter how simple or difficult they may be. Everyone should be supported, and the focus will never be on limitations because the possibilities are endless. We will work with the family living providers and support staff members to put the support systems in place to give the individuals the tools that they need to not only survive, but also have great experiences and skills in their lives. We all will strive as a team to help people develop life skills, which will allow them to be successful in making decisions that are meaningful to them in their home and in the community.